Welcome to Rowan Bengals!

silver snow bengal kittensPhoto by Helmi Flick

We are a small at home and under foot TICA registered cattery based out of Pell City, Alabama, near the beautiful and scenic Lake Logan Martin. Here at Rowan Bengals, we are dedicated to producing beautiful examples of the breed from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines with outstanding looks, type and well socialized personalities as each litter is raised by tender love and care. But, our cats' health is just as important; we are a FeLV/FIV negative cattery, annually testing all of our breeders and we also screen all of our cats annually for HCM by a board certified cardiologist.

The Bengal Cat originates from the hybridization of the Asian Leopard Cat, a small forest dwelling wildcat in Eastern Asia. Unlike many of the newer hybrid breeds, however, the Bengals have chosen to work toward capturing the alluring exotic features while maintaining the temperament of the domestic cat. It's been thirty years in the making, but the breed has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams! We are proud to say that all of the Bengals from us here at Rowan Bengals are at least six generations removed from the original crossing, and we choose to work exclusively with SBT lines.

Though there are many different colors of Bengals in the breed, we specialize in producing stunning high quality Silvers and Silver-Snows in both Spotted and Marble patterns, but we occasionally do produce brown spotteds as well as marbles, so be sure to check with us to see!

brown spotted bengal cat

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